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Important Information for Online Gamblers!

It's true, online gambling is fun and sometimes profitable, but there are certain rules you MUST know before you toss down your hard earned money!

Many people who gamble online do not bother to check some very simple information before they begin gambling at a new casino. We can assure you that the online casinos listed or advertised in CasinoAdvise.com passed our quality control test with flying colours. When you're surfing the web and happen to visit a new online casino that you've never seen before, here are 3 rules that we suggest you follow before opening your new account...

1) Read the fine print! Before you even think about playing for real money you have to know the rules!

2) Support and more support!!! Is there a phone number for you to call? Do they offer real time chat mode support? Is support only handled via email? The casinos you should prefer playing in will offer several convenient ways for you to contact them. Don't be afraid to call their toll-free support line, just to see that it is working.

3) Know what other players say about the site. Visit CasinoAdvise.com forums, read the news and stay updated, and be well-informed about what is best for you! Our job is to help you find the most professional, secure and fun online casinos there are.

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